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swank creations

swank creations is the storefront for swank inc. digital printers in sydney

we at swank inc. decided in 2014 to create a storefront to share some of the great designs we have been working (playing) on inhouse - it's all about psaligraphy "the art of cutting paper".... together with some print influences to create some beautiful themes for everyone to enjoy

these designs are influenced by the work we have done with our clients over the years as well as our own desires to produce items for our family & friends. we wanted to stretch the envelope and release our own products where we can create fun & fancy items - a lot of these items are inspired by our laser cutting system and the intricate work it is capable of

where, swank inc. is dedicated to digital printing & finishing - we realised that we wanted to go outside the square and share some of the great products that we enjoy putting together - these products will include printed items and/or laser cut paper products and we are so looking forward to incorporating new materials in 2015

swank inc. has been operating sucessfully since 1996. we have a great team who enjoy the process, quality and finishing of all products and we are so excited to be incorporating swank creations into our great family

please feel free to contact us at swank creations at mail@swank.com.au and we will be in touch as quickly as possible

we hope you enjoy our store and come back very soon !